How to Know If Your Well Water Is Safe to Drink

In the US, most households get water for drinking from a private well. This is practical and cost-efficient because people can save on expenses. They do not have to spend for drinking water for as long as the water they get from the well is safe.

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA of the US does not cover private wells. They regulate water supply to ensure that water that comes from the systems, which is delivered to the homes is potable. This means to say that water coming from private wells are not guaranteed to be safe.

The water supply in the US is considered one of the safest worldwide. However, it is still possible for water drinking sources to get contaminated and affected by different elements. These include natural minerals such as arsenic, among other chemicals. Such minerals can cause the malfunctioning in the wastewater treatment system. Also, this can be affected by pesticide use near the water source, which could contaminate the water.

How to Know if a Particular Private Well Water is Safe to Drink

When a private well is the source of drinking water, it needs to be tested. This can be done by an authorized research facility or a certified laboratory. This is an efficient way to know if water is safe for the whole family to drink and use.

The harmful parasites and bacteria, among other things, cannot be seen by the naked eye. For this reason, the way water looks does not determine if it is safe to drink.

Though people who drink water from the well do not become sick, it does not necessarily mean that it is safe. Even a number of contaminants present in well water can cause long term health conditions. Such microorganisms can be found in the surface and groundwater.

Some chemical contaminants in particular that are present in a water source can bring about chronic health illnesses, which could last for a long time. Regular testing of water will determine if water is not safe. It will guarantee that the water is treated to a satisfying level.

A private well of a household is not guaranteed to be safe even if the well a neighbor has been observed and tested to be safe. The security of a well depends on several factors such as depth, surface and underground geology as well as development of the well, to name a few. The quality of well water can change from time to time during refilling or revival due to the dry season. So, it is important to test well water and keep the results in case they are needed in the future.

There are different aspects to address in order to maintain a healthy private well, which provides safe water:

  • Durability of construction: If the construction is weak, this can cause issues later on.
  • Location of well: It should be determined if the neighbors have any issues
  • Age of the well: The quality of water has to be checked on a regular basis.
  • Nature of aquifer from where the water is taken
  • Activities within the vicinity that could have an effect on the well

The deeper the well (more than 800 ft.), the cleaner the water. The recommendation of CDC is to have well water tested for contaminants like Coliform bacteria and nitrates, among others once a year.

Interior Design For Babies

Babies, babies, babies-yes the topic of this article is based on interior design for nurseries. The new arrival of a baby brings a time of thankfulness and joy into all parents’ lives. It also brings to mind an important question: where will the nursery be?!? Once the actual space has been decided upon, the next concern will be color scheme and furniture. Before you make all of your choices concerning the new arrival’s bedroom quarters, keep these important tips in mind.

To begin with, the gender of a baby will may influence the color scheme used in the room and this will not be something that will be able to be determined right away so either neutral colors should be used or the painting of the walls and purchasing of the accessories should be prolonged. Keep in mind not to wait too long if it is your intention to paint the room. You will want to be sure to allow any noxious fumes time to disperse before bringing baby home and actually using the nursery. The safety of the child should be one of the main elements involved in the planning of interior design for nurseries. Keep this aspect in mind as you make every choice involved with your design.

Fortunately for the early birds, the traditional ‘pink for girls and blue for boys’ theme is not the happening thing in interior design for nurseries these days. Sure, pink is still associated with girls and blue is still normally in tune with boys design but the strict adherence to these rules is no longer the norm. A complimentary mixture of these colors is the basis of most contemporary designs. There is no reason to limit the possibilities of colors used in interior design for nurseries based on old traditions. Exposure to color in the nursery is your baby’s first environmental experience and it has been confirmed by doctors and scientists alike that this exposure aids in your baby’s development.

Stenciling is a method that has been and still is very popular in interior design for nurseries. Almost any of your neighborhood crafting stores should have a sizeable supply of stencil designs that you can easily use to create a ceiling-level or mid-level border around your baby’s nursery. If you are feeling a little more ambitious, there are many more intricate nursery themed designs that you can purchase in stores or even online that will require a little more time but produce astonishingly impressive designs. If this is still too little work for you, then go all out and create your own stencil patterns by sketching them first onto mat board and then cutting them out with an Exacto knife.

Once your walls are complete, it is time to begin making decisions on the furniture for the room. If you have heirloom baby furniture, let me make a suggestion. Don’t use it. Keep this furniture for display purposes and purchase new furniture. I make this suggestion for two reasons. First of all, baby furniture that was made prior to the 1960’s did not have to adhere to any safety regulations. While your father’s philosophy of ‘they don’t make ’em like this anymore’ might apply to cars, it does not seem like excellent advice concerning children’s furniture. Secondly, even if the furniture were safe, there is a good possibility that it will be damaged or broken during use. The best bet in any case would be to save these treasures to pass along to your child when they are older and to invest in a new set of furniture for use in your interior design for nurseries.

After the major choices of furniture that cater to the new arrival’s needs have been made, it is important to remember to include a space for mom or dad to sit during those sleepless nights! Rather then purchasing another traditional yet impractical item for the nursery, try considering your alternatives to the long-backed, hard wooden rocker. A comfortable alternate choice might be a spacious, comfortable recliner. You will appreciate this advice at four o’clock one morning as you roll over and try to envision how you would feel sleeping in a rocker around then.

Accessories can make interior design for nurseries come together in a wonderful, and useable way. Never focus on the visual aspect of an accessory for a nursery before you consider its usefulness. You will find out soon that practical items such as diaper holders, changing tables, and so forth are much more appreciated then aesthetic items such as ceramics or stuffed animals. The purchase of stuffed animals brings forth another important safety issue. Be sure not to purchase items with small parts or pieces on them which the baby can choke on.

Once all of the necessary and useable accessories have been purchased for the baby’s room, then feel free to go out and invest in some purely decorative items which you can treasure at a future time. This is, after all, a time you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

Where To Look For Termites And How To Prevent An Infestation In Your Property

Termites are one of the most dangerous pests you can have in your property. They can cause more physical damage to your house and even in other natural and manmade structures in your property such as trees and wooden fences when compared to other types of pests. The structural damages they can cause can also cost any property owners thousands in dollars to have them repaired. These damages can sometimes even be irreparable.

Usual Breeding Grounds Of Termites

There are three areas that termites love to live in. Most termites are subterranean: this means that they burrow and live underground. They will create underground tunnel systems that connect their colonies to food sources above ground such as wood any wood materials found inside and outside your house.

Another type of termites love to live in or near areas water sources. They will make their abode in leaky faucets or in any area that is always damp. These places are the perfect breeding grounds for them since they will survive and thrive in areas that have high levels of moisture or dampness.

There are also termites that simply live in their main source of food: wood. You will find these termites living and multiplying in any material made of wood such as wooden walls, ceilings, fences, cupboards, cabinets and dressers.

Preventing A Termite Infestation In Your Property

If your property is still termite-free, there are several things you can do which are recommended by pest control experts to maintain this condition and prevent them from invading your home.

To start with, always inspect your home for any signs of leaky faucets or pipes. And if you do find one or more of these, have them repaired or replaced immediately. Check your house’s interior and outside as well for any area that is always damp. By following these tips, you can prevent termites from finding your home an appealing abode for them.

Never store firewood and other wooden materials inside or near your house. These items are the preferred food supplies of termites so never place them inside or even near your home.

If there are decaying or dead trees or stumps in your lawn, get rid of them immediately. These unhealthy trees and stumps are also food sources for termites and they will eventually live and breed in them if you don’t have them properly removed from your yard.

Finally, termites also love munching on mulches. As such, never place mulch areas near your house. Spread mulch only on parts of your lawn that are reasonably far from your house so that termites won’t eventually head to your home and infest it.

Household Cleaning Tips

With the end of the year just a few days away, people will surely be conducting their end of the year version of spring cleaning. This is the time to do away with the old stuff, retain the stuff that they will still be using and purchase the stuff that they will be using for the next year.

But cleaning the whole house after perhaps six months of no major cleaning can be really time-consuming, not to mention stressful. To ensure that the end of the year cleaning gets done with as little stress as possible, here are some tips that can help you make the most of this one-time chore.

Involve the family

Who says you should be the only one doing the cleaning. Your home is also the home of every member of the family (unless you are living alone of course. In that case, you have to do all the cleaning yourself!); so they should all give you a hand.

Assign different chores to different people. If you can, ask them what they want to do? Clean the floors? wash the dishes? tend to the garde? clean windows? organize the garage? Involving the whole family will not only lessen the job for you but will also foster a spirit of togetherness. When everybody takes his or her part, there is better unity within the family.

Involve the little kids

Assigning chores to the kids is a wonderful way to also teach a sense of responsibility early on. This is like hitting two birds with one stone, they get to learn something and you get help. Easy tasks like feeding the pets while everybody is cleaning or folding the laundry is already a big thing. If they have their own rooms, they can clean their own rooms and get rid of their own trash.

Start from the top

When cleaning the house, it is good to start from the top then proceed down. This means that you clean first the ceiling, the walls and the windows before cleaning the floor or dusting off the sofa and the other furniture. This is because dusts from the top will go eventually fall off, dirtying the lower areas once again. If there are many people doing the job, they can simultaneously do clean everything but you still have to do one final sweep or vacuum on the floors and on the furniture.

Don’t be a scavenger

If you have not used something for more than a year, chances are, you are not going to be using it anytime in the future. This is especially true with clothes on your closet. Get rid of it.

Most people who cannot seem to throw things away see to think that time will come when they will be able to use the item but unless you have a tracking system or a special database that lists down every knick knack that you have, you will forget that you have them in the first place. So just put them on a box and organize a garage sale for it. Who knows, others have a use for them now.

Divide and conquer

Cleaning the whole house cannot be accomplish in one day, even if you have a battalion of hands to do it for you. Try to schedule the cleaning day by day so that everything can be logically done. Three to five days will suffice depending on the number of helpers and the size of the house.

5 Tips To Help You Use An Air Purifier

An air purifier can help you clean the air around your home. These devices do much more than eliminating dust from your home or office. Our environment contains a lot of pollutants, such as chemicals, gas, pollen, dander and dust. With a good air purifying unit, you can remove these pollutants from the air. Given below are some tips that can help you use the unit in the right way. Read on to find out more.

Choose a Location

These devices should be given some breathing space to work properly. Therefore, you should place the unit in a location where it can pull in enough air for proper circulation. In other words, you should leave enough space around the unit. It should not sit against the wall or something that can block the airflow. Also, the size of the device you are going to buy also matters.

Consider the airflow direction

The airflow direction is also important. In some areas of your home, the air might be dirtier. Therefore, you may need to point the unit in that direction. However, if you live in an apartment, the unit should be placed near the place where you sleep or spend most of your time. This is how you can get the cleanest air.

Don’t Switch off the device

If you have respiratory illnesses, asthma or allergies, don’t turn off the unit even when you are away from your home. Today’s air purifiers are energy savers. So, they don’t consume a lot of power. Therefore leaving them on for hours won’t consume a lot of energy.

Keep Your Room Doors Closed

An air purifier can’t be placed in an open space for air purification. These devices only work when they are placed inside an enclosed space. Therefore, it’s important to keep all the doors and windows closed.

So, sealing the place is important for improving the unit’s performance. Besides, this practice can trap the air and keep the fresh or purified air from escaping.

Change the old filters

It’s important that you follow the user manual and change the filters of the unit on a regular basis. If your air purifier has carbon air filters, make sure you replace them in time. On the other hand, if you own a washable device, you should clean it with an interval of 10 days. This is quite important as a dirty device may stop working and won’t be able to clean the air around it.

If installed, an air purifying unit can allow you to sit comfortably. Therefore, it’s important that you opt for the best unit since there are a lot of options out there. Once you have bought one, you may want to use it properly and perform the required maintenance.

Long story short, these are just a few tips that can help you get the most out of your air purifying device. Remember: investing in a good device is paramount for your health and the health of your family members. Hope this helps.

Affordable Garage Plans – Creative Yet Amazing

Affordability and being creative are two main aspects people look for when they think about building a garage, whether it is a car garage or a shop garage. If we talk about being creative then the first thing which comes in our mind is what design to choose because there are plenty of designs available in the market according to your requirement. These days, creative garage plans are in a high demand, which could give your house a perfectly elegant look that also increases the value of the property.

An affordable garage plan includes all the stuff which has a low price yet the best in the industry and also the natural wood (recommended for a garage) from the forest which you are going to use. If you have never built any building then a garage is a perfect place to start. In this era of online availability, forget about the worry because more than enough designs are available in the market which are innovative yet beautiful and they come under your budget. You can check internet website by yourself to check the price.

There are people available who can change or modify your old garage to a creative masterpiece. Normally people do this by themselves but hiring a professional means you are going to experience something more than usual. If you are a busy person then you can hire an engineer, no doubt he will give his best shot but if you want to do something by your own then it is a great opportunity to show people what you can do with some large pieces of wood and other tools. You just need a design that will blow the mind of the person who sees it for the first time. You can choose your garage plan design from hundreds of online sources. All you have to do is submit your requirement and download a blueprint of your garage design. Some offer this print for free and some charge for it. But that’s not the actual thing to do, but to decide from many amazing designs on which you are going to work upon.

For some people who think a garage plays an important role in their life, you can turn your garage into a piece of art by using some additional settings like lighting and a beautiful floor. The fluorescent lights are best suited for your garage idea. You can use some fluorescent lights like CRI, T12, T4, T5, T8, CT and among these, T8 is the best to use. The size of the light depends upon the size of garage you want to design. You can turn your garage into a shop or a designer apartment and it is not about what things you put in your garage to make it look amazing it is about how you use them to make it one. That’s where a creative mind starts from.

All these installations provide their owners to express their creativity and you can be the talk of neighborhood if you have great design to work upon. To keep the safety in mind is important too and you must make sure that all the safety guidelines are fulfilled.

Though a creative and affordable garage must be a safe garage too.

Tips for Bathroom Design

You might be building a home and designing an entirely new bathroom. Maybe you’re remodeling and adding a new bathroom or changing an existing bathroom. In any case, you have a certain amount of room to work with. Here are some ideas.

First, list the items you absolutely need in your bathroom. This list includes, of course, the toilet and the sink. If it’s a full bathroom, you’ll need to decide on a bath and shower or a shower stall.

Next are the items you would like to include. Often people want a cabinet under the sink, though if you have a small space you might prefer a pedestal. Plan on a mirror over the sink, with our without a medicine chest. Lighting is important. A fan can be helpful for keeping moisure out. You’ll probably want a space for shelves of some kind.

At this point, you might want to consider asking a professional to help with design. If you feel you can do it on your own, here are some tips.

Measure your bathroom well. Choose items that you think you’d like in your bathroom and get the measurements. Some suggest drawing a plan to scale, but for those of us who are less visual, it can be helpful to cut paper to the actual size of the footprint of the item. Place these items in the bathroom, arranging them to where you think you would like them. This is a good way to see how well things fit. Don’t forget that you need space between things.

If everything fits well, there are a few more considerations. You might be limited by plumbing or electricity. Window placement makes a difference, too, unless you have no qualms about showering in from of a window.

If things don’t fit well, play with the design a bit (if space, electrical, and plumbing allow.) See if you can come up with more efficient use of space and still enjoy the design.

If there’s just no room, you’ll have to decide what you can do without. For example, you can use a pedestal sink, which takes less space than a full cabinet. Conversely, you can use a cabinet but don’t include shelves. Some towels and toilet paper can be stored in the cabinet, with the excess supplies in a convenient storage area elsewhere in your house.

A little imagination and a lot of measuring can help your dream bathroom work for you. When you find a bathroom design that works, it’s time to put the pieces together. It’s a lot of work, but it can be worth it.

American Cherry Hardwood for Flooring Projects

Floors made of hardwood will always make any home look elegant no matter if the home is not as big as a mansion. These kinds of floors are suitable for all kinds of homeowners no matter what their lifestyles are.

Hardwood flooring can evoke timeless beauty and warmth in any room. And unlike other flooring materials that depreciate in value after a few years, hardwood flooring provides more value to any real estate property. Realtors also admit that properties with hardwood flooring do not only command higher prices but they sell easily.

The growing demand for hardwood as flooring materials has resulted to an increase in hardwood varieties being sold in the market. While this is advantageous to homeowners and contractors who now have more hardwood choices, it also poses a problem as to what hardwood would be best suited for a certain type of property.

New properties being constructed have taken advantage of the availability of wood like oak, bamboo and pine not only for their walls but more importantly for their floors.

The reddish and finely grained American Cherry hardwood has often landed on the top list of homeowners and contractors on the lookout for quality hardwood for their flooring projects.

American Cherry hardwoods can age in a short period from weeks to several months. The American Cherry can change color from pinkish-red, a light shade of red or dark red.

Benefits of using American Cherry hardwood on floors

There are number of reasons why homeowners and contractors prefer to use hardwood, particularly American Cherry hardwood for their flooring projects and one of the top reasons is its durability.

American Cherry hardwoods age beautifully and any homeowner who has tried this kind of hardwood can attest to its sturdiness and beauty. It is also easy to maintain provided the property owner use the proper product suggested by the wood flooring experts or professionals. Wooden floors are also favorable for those with health problems like allergies because wooden floors do accumulate dust.

Hardwoods are also more affordable compared to other flooring materials. Using hardwoods for flooring projects will be more cost effective in the long term because it adds value to the property. Floors made of wood can be made to look brand new again just be sweeping them and then keeping them shiny and clean.

Homeowners and contractors can choose from different types of wood flooring materials like solid type flooring which is ideal for any area in the house; engineered type flooring which is suitable for kitchens and similar areas and the acrylic impregnated type floors which is suitable for commercial floorings.

Hardwood can be used as flooring material not only in residential projects but also in commercial projects like gymnasiums. Wood is the top choice material for gymnasiums because it is not only durable but also promoted better healthcare for athletes. Wood floors for gymnasiums have proven to be flexible especially with the demands of athletic use.

Homeowners should always consider the price of the wood they will be choosing for their flooring project. While a cheap wood material could mean savings, it could also mean lesser or substandard quality. Also consider the type of room where the wood material would be used. Whatever type of hardwood you will choose for your flooring project you can be assured that it will last for a long time.

Holding Roofing Contractors to a High Standard

Owning a home comes with a laundry list of responsibilities. If you’re like most average homeowners, you can handle the little stuff like landscaping and painting. Big jobs like roofing, however, require an expert. Here are a few things to look for in a reputable company.


Only hire a company that is both licensed and insured. Make sure that any contractor working on your home has both workers’ compensation and liability insurance so that you don’t end up liable if they get hurt on the job. Ask for certificates and call the insurance carrier to confirm their validity.

Straight Answers

If you are missing shingles, notice your roof buckling, or have water stains on your ceiling, it’s likely that you need a roofer. However, not all roofing issues require total replacement. Algae growth, for instance, may be unsightly, but it does not require a replacement job. Honest and competent specialists would not suggest work on such grounds. A professional roofer will give it to you straight. If you’re unsure whether you’re getting swindled or not, get a second opinion before hiring someone to do the work.

A good yardstick of dependability for roofing contractors is how willing they are to answer questions in a way that makes sense to you. If your contractor makes you feel stupid or acts frustrated by your questions, this is a bad sign. They should be more than willing to help you understand the complete process that you’re paying for. After all, you are not the expert… they are!

A Timeline

All reputable roofing contractors should be willing to provide you with a timeline, including a completion date. Get it in writing and don’t allow them to overcharge you if they go over the time they quote you. It’s important that you have a comprehensive understanding of what you’re getting into; how many days you’ll have workers in and around your home; how many workers will be on your project; and what hours of the day they plan on being there.


Talk to your friends and family about their experiences with local roofing contractors to find a reputable one. A good company should have a solid reputation in the local community and an established track record of success.

Whether installing new projects or renovating old ones, contractors know their field will always be needed. With this in mind, you are entitled to hold the results to a high standard. Before providing payment, make sure everything is completed to your satisfaction.

Gazebo Plans For Sale – Professional Blueprints Can Make The Job Much Easier

A gazebo can be a great addition to your garden and you can find many gazebo plans for sale that will greatly help you in building the gazebo. A gazebo can serve many different purposes. You can make a huge gazebo that will let you hold dinner parties or gatherings with friends and family. Or you can come up with a small gazebo where you can spend time alone sipping coffee. Building a gazebo is complex and that is why gazebo blueprints play an essential role in making a gazebo.

Planning should be you major step. In order to achieve professional results, you must plan beforehand as to what kind of gazebo you want. You will find many gazebo plans for sale so you can choose from there as well.

Determine the size of the gazebo that will depend on the purpose you are building it for. If you wish to hold small dinner parties or friends get together then a 12 to 14 feet gazebo will do. Otherwise a smaller size will work for you as well.

Look for a leveled place in your garden. Check it for dirt and debris and make sure it is clean and leveled. Foundation is very important for every building. So for a durable foundation make sure it is leveled and then lay the concrete footing.

Use concrete blocks for footing so that it’s sturdier and long-lasting. However, if it is going to be a temporary gazebo then normal supporting will also do for the surface of the gazebo. But we recommend using concrete footing because of its durability.

Most gazebos are octagon is shape but it is up to you what shape do you want. It can be square too when you wish to enjoy sunny days in the garden. For octagon gazebo, place corner footings over the concrete. The vertical posts should be fitted in all the eight corners of the gazebo and one at the center. Make sure that they are firm and properly aligned.

Then install the deck support and joists to these vertical posts. Also connect them with the center post. Next comes the decking board to be attached with the footings. It has to be straight and placed properly otherwise the inaccuracies will be quite visible in the final structure.

Then frieze panels and top joists are connected with the vertical posts. Raise all the rafters from each post and take them carefully to the king post at the top center. This is a time taking step so you need to be careful and be patient during this process.

Now is the time to connect roofing panels with the rafter. And you can finish the roof by either using wooden boards, or wooden panel sheets. You can even go for shingles or tiles. Whichever suits you!

Add railings, screens or balustrades at the very last. At this stage your gazebo is complete and you can add you own touch in the final structure. You can keep it simple or make it fancy and elevate its beauty.

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