Throw Out That Bathroom Carpet!

When most people think of restyling their bathrooms they instantly think it will be an expensive job. New bathroom suites can cost a lot to purchase and even more to install by a registered plumber. Replacing wall tiles can quickly get messy, and blinds that can withstand a bathroom environment can be difficult to find.

Take a look in your bathroom, now look down at the flooring, the part of the bathroom that’s used the most. It gets stood on, dripped on, and spilled on all the time. Baths and showers can often soak parts of your bathroom flooring on a near daily basis, shampoos and other toiletries get spilled or leak over your flooring, and around the toilet area there could even be spills of another kind, especially in homes with younger children.

When did you last renew your bathroom flooring?

The average bathroom floor takes a lot of use so needs to be hard wearing and easily cleanable, it should be cleaned with disinfectants regularly to ensure a safe, hygienic environment in your bathroom. It should not be a carpet!

Carpets are made from fibres that by their very nature absorb liquids when spilled on them, they are very hard to clean and are almost impossible to disinfect. Repeated soaking by water quickly rots most carpets, and unless you spend money on expensive carpet protecting chemicals, the vast majority of stains will be very hard to remove.

Damp, rotting carpets are a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and fungi, throw into the mix toiletry spills and you will quickly get a picture of a very unhealthy environment.

Change that bathroom carpet today!

Alternatives to carpeting a bathroom include natural stone such as limestone or granite, ceramic tiling, or vinyl flooring.

Natural stone flooring can have a dramatic effect to almost any type of bathroom large or small. Stone such as granite has natural waterproof properties to it and is extremely hard wearing, although it is one of the most expensive flooring options available.

Ceramic tiles are an ever popular option for bathrooms. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a wide range of styles and colours to match up with any existing bathroom colour scheme. Ceramic tiles are also hard wearing, easy to clean, and straight forward to install.

Vinyl flooring is the lowest priced option for renewing your bathroom flooring. However, it is water resistant, easy to look after, and also available in many designs and colours, making it a excellent option for many homes. Its low cost also allows you to replace this type of flooring on a more regular basis if required.

Update your bathroom today, replace that old, tired flooring and make your bathroom a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful feature of your home.