Your Personal Bathroom Oasis on a Budget

Bathrooms are one of the most commonly remodeled rooms in the home. The bathroom is one of the only rooms in the home where we can escape for some private time. The bathroom can be a little oasis in the middle of our hectic lives. To create this oasis, there are things that you can add to your bathroom besides the standard toilet, sink and shower that will make the place more exciting and relaxing.

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive. While most people think of pricey Jacuzzi bathtubs, marble countertops and custom cabinetry when they think of bathroom remodeling, there is a lot you can do on a budget.

A simple way to change your bathroom experience is to treat yourself to a new showerhead. Waterfall nozzles and handheld nozzles are very popular options. Some people choose double showerhead in their bathroom to massage their body from two different directions. Floor to ceiling shower enclosures allow you to turn your bathroom into a steam bath. You can sit in the warm steam of the cubicle and allow the hot air to soothe your muscles.

Changing your mirror from a wall mount edgeless mirror to a framed mirror can transform the look of your bathroom. This is simple to do and can be achieved by removing your mirror and replacing it with a fully framed mirror. You can also frame the edgeless mirror in your bathroom with a self-adhesive frame. This option requires less construction in your bathroom, and the project can be completed in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

Updating the hardware is another fast and relatively inexpensive way to change the style of your bathroom. You can change the drawer pulls and handles on your cabinetry with coordinating bathroom hardware. You can also change the faucets in the bathroom sink and bathtub. This can make a wonderful statement in your bathroom and allow you to use updated finishes, like brushed nickel and rubbed bronze.