Advanced Spring Cleaning

There are a million articles, books and courses that you can find about spring cleaning, clearing the clutter, organizing, and the art of Feng Shui. You can even hire a consultant to come into your home and do these things for you. This article is going to go a step beyond that. You will be able to rejuvenate your home in areas where Lysol, a carpet cleaner, and organizational systems fail to go!

I’m going to assume that you all ready know the basics of cleaning, removing whatever you don’t need or aren’t emotionally attached to, and how to keep your belongings organized. I’m also going to assume that you understand that a clean and healthy environment improves your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I don’t believe you would be reading this article if you haven’t all ready been working hard to create a clean and healthy environment for yourself and your family.

What we really want to focus on with this article is that not so fresh feeling that occasionally lingers even after you’ve cleaned, organized, and simplified down to the bare bones. There are a variety of reasons why this might happen. Maybe the room doesn’t have enough windows, or other natural resources to refresh itself in a natural way. Or, it could have lingering energy from bad memories. Those energies need a little more work to get rid of so you can fill the room with the warmth and comfort you want to feel in there instead. The following tools will help you with your efforts.

If the room you are struggling with doesn’t have enough windows to provide plenty of natural lighting, it may have a lingering stale feeling to it. There are a couple of things you can do to correct this. One is to buy light bulbs that have a natural light to them. They are available at most places you buy regular bulbs at. This will give the room the feeling that sunshine is pouring in. Another good idea is to burn candles. Even unscented ones are perfect in giving the room a feeling of warmth and comfort that the sun would normally offer.

Speaking of candles, scented candles are a wonderful source of aromatherapy and can help freshen a room while your offering the additional light. Try to stick with one scent at a time though so the room doesn’t become overwhelming. The best scents for a room lacking in sunlight are light or citrusy scents that will help lighten the room’s atmosphere.

Mother Nature offers many types of naturally cleaning items. Bringing these items of nature indoors is the best way to keep your space refreshed. Plants are perfect for any room and continuously clean the air for you. Philodendrons, Spider plants, and Pothos were found to be the most efficient in the removal of formaldehyde. Gerbera Daisies and Chrysanthemums were found to be effective in the removal of benzene, a known carcinogen. You can check with your local greenhouse for more information about the types of plants that will work the best for you.

Gemstones and crystals have energetic vibrations that interact with the atmosphere in a room and are perfect for helping to create more positive energies. You can find decorative gemstones in any shape and size to fit the scheme of your room’s décor. You can also use smaller gemstones and put them in a decorative dish, or in planters with your plants. Clear Quartz is a favorite general stone that works well to balance energies. You might want to check with your local New Age store to see what other recommendations they may have that are more specific for your situation.

Water fountains have multiple benefits in helping to keep a room fresh. The water helps hydrate the air, while the sound of a fountain running offers soothing water sounds for stress relief benefits. Water Fountains come is a broad variety of styles and sizes. You will be sure to find one that will match the décor of the room perfectly.

Stubborn, negative energies call for more extensive measures to remove them. The easiest thing to do to completely refresh the energy in a room is to burn some Sage; it has cleansing properties in it that will replace negative energies with fresh energetic elements. There are Sage candles, or even dried Sage in a fireproof container will work beautifully. While you are doing this, meditate about positive feelings and imagine them filling out into the room. Nothing is more powerful than your own intentions.

One other idea I’ll leave you with is to consider getting a House Blessing. Blessing ceremonies abound in every religion and spiritual discipline. You can have someone come into your home for a House Blessing when no one is there, or you can be involved and make it a very special event for your family to be involved with.

I hope these ideas help you in your efforts of creating a heaven on earth for you and your family. If you would like more suggestions, or would like specific ideas for your particular circumstances, I would be more than happy to help you further.

Remember, There’s no place like home!