Why Do You Need Above Ground Pool Filters?

To create an effective and lasting filtration system it is essential to find the ideal combination of above ground pool filters and pool pumps. The purpose for choosing the perfect combination is to prevent any type of problems that can create premature malfunctions, safety hazards or ineffective filtration. The above ground pool filters systems and the pool pump usually sits near the pool. Therefore, the water requires shorter travel time to pass through the filter and then back to the pool.

Different factors to consider about above ground pool filter systems

These filter systems have different horsepower (hp) and before deciding on which one is ideal, you need to consider the following factors. These factors will enable you to select the appropriate filters.

• General Pool Size that you can choose from are small, medium, or large

• Filter Type may be sand or cartridge

• Cleaner Type may be pressure side, suction side, or robotic

It is very important to find the correct size pool filters parts so that they can work well together and perform effectively. In order to get the accurate size you need to first check the size range of the swimming pool. Generally the size of the filters is relative to pool size. Hence, for a smaller pool it will need a smaller filter. Meanwhile for larger pool you will need bigger filtration system. Next you need to think about the type of filter. There are two main types of pool filter systems namely; sand and cartridge. Both has different types of benefits and are effective in many ways. However, cartridge is more popular because the filtration process is better than sand as it offers double filtration. The ground filter cartridge screens out the dirt particles as the water passes through. But you need to clean the filter cartridge on a regular basis as the dirt accumulated on the outside can affect the effectiveness of the filtration process. Another very important thing to consider is the above filter cleaner types. The cleaner types such as pressure side, suction side or robotic are all very effective but are usually powered differently.

Details about cleaner types of above ground pool filters

The details about the pool filter cleaner types are as mentioned in the following lines. This information will enable you to choose the appropriate type for your pool filter system.

Pressure Side Cleaners: This cleaner can conveniently capture all kinds of debris and also efficiently circulate pool chemicals and water. This filter system is beneficial because uncirculated water can encourage algae growth. This cleaner creates a vacuum which picks up all the debris and dirt thus providing clean and healthy pool water.

Suction Side Cleaners: This is among the most commonly used filter cleaner types because it is very affordable. It is generally attached to the plumbing system suction side and the cleaner receives power from the pool pump thus drawing debris and dirt. As the name suggest it can suck up all the debris such as leaves and other contaminants.

Robotic Cleaners: This is one of the above ground filter parts that run independent of the filter and the pump. This cleaner collects debris in a fine mesh bag that is self-contained. This is one of the most efficient pool cleaners.

Thus, you need to consider many things before you purchase above ground pool filters. If you choose higher horsepower then the water flow movement will increase and you can get cleaner water fast. However, you need to remember that high horsepower will increase speed and suction which may harm the pool liner with constant use of the filter systems. Moreover, if you use sand filter above 1.5 hp then it will create high water movement which may result in pushing sand into the swimming pool. Therefore, a standard pool needs only 1 hp pump to sanitize the water and also run the cleaners effectively. So, you need to choose the correct pool pumps and filters to get clean and sanitized water.