Designing Your DIY Home Office On A Budget

Anyone that has ever tried to use a room in their house as a home office realizes that there aren’t clear boundaries, and there are usually constant interruptions. You know the type of interruption, right? You’re working late and kicking back multiple cups of coffee while you work on that project that’s waaaay past the deadline.

About the time you raise that fourth cup of coffee to your lips, the cat all of a sudden decides he wants to jump up on your desk and help you type. You wind up with coffee all over you and your computer, your project paper has 10 lines of cajkjkjjhoirejiojoiarjoeiuoijaorijoij where the cat jumped on the keyboard, and the culprit is shambling off casting dirty backward looks at you like you’re the one that messed up. And of course the deadline is still looming large.

You may not have a cat, but you may have other interruptions: the TV, kids, your spouse, significant others, etc. You don’t want to spend a lot of money to build another room, and it’s definitely cheaper to use an existing room in your house as a home office. Sooner or later, though, that last straw happens, and you just can’t take it anymore. To keep your sanity, it’s going to be better for you to build a home office and declare it off limits to your family, friends and pets. You may want to look at getting a flat pack home office.

DIY Flat Pack Home Office

Remember that you wanted to save money by keeping the home office in an existing room in your house. Well, you can save money over a traditional style building by building a flat pack home. Think about the possibilities-it’s an entire building that you can lay out all of your equipment and furniture in, and it will be off limits to everyone but you. Also factor in that you can save as much as 60% over what a contractor would charge to construct a building on your property of the same size. That gives you even more incentive to go this route.

Inexpensive DIY Office Building

Homestead Timber Buildings offer the perfect DIY flat pack option for those of you that are on a budget that want a charming and sturdy office building. The building is called the “White Room,” and you can build it onto your existing home. The White Room retails for £4,000, and you can save money on building permits because one isn’t needed since it is less than 2-1/2 meters high.

The white room features include a strong timber frame and lots of versatile inner space. If you live in a climate that gets cold, you can also order optional insulation to be installed in the wall’s cavity. That model is called the Green Room, and it costs £8,200.

You’ll get to customize the room space by selecting the door and window positions when you order. The instructions for putting the building together are delivered to you at the same time your room components arrive. Assembly components also include durable timber floors, walls, double-glazed windows and doors with high-quality secure locks pre-assembled inside them.

You put everything together yourself, but you put the glazing panels on the base of the timber building as a last step of the process. You don’t even need to paint the building because the factory paints it inside and out before it is even delivered to you.