How To Balance A Wobbly Ceiling Fan

The first step to balancing a ceiling fan is to make sure that the blades and blade arms are all level. If your fan has ever been accidentally bumped or hit in some way, the blades or blade arms may have been bent slightly and therefore would be out of level. The only items you need for this fix is a ladder and a tape measure. Climb the ladder so that you are positioned just outside one of the fan blades.

With the fan turned off, don’t want to hurt yourself, use your tape to measure each blade tip and make sure they are all at the same height. Extend the measuring tape to a spot on the ceiling and hold it there. The tape measure should stay in one place as you turn the fan, by hand, and measure each blade as it passes the tape. All of the blades should pass the tape at the same height. If there is a blade that is out of level you can use one hand positioned on the blade arm, the other on the fan motor, and gently bend the blade arm back into position. This simple fix may solve your problem. If it does not, move on to the next step.

If you’ve tried to level each blade on your fan and it is still out of balance please proceed with these steps. A balancing kit should have come with your fan when you purchased it. If you don’t have one it can be purchased a local lighting showroom or big box store. The balancing kit comes with a u-shape clip and a few lead strips or small weights with adhesive on the back. To use the balancing kit you first use the u-shaped clip. Attach it to a blade somewhere in the middle, and turn on your fan. Make note on a piece of paper if the fan improved or not. Remove the clip and place it on the next blade and repeat, turn on the fan, record the results. Eventually you will find one blade that improves the wobble more than the others. On the blade with the best results start moving the clip in and out on the blade and repeat the process of turning on the fan and noting your results.

After this process you will have determined which blade and where on that blade the lead weights should be placed. Remove the adhesive cover on the weight and place them on the top of the blade so they are hidden from sight. Turn on your fan and hopefully you have just balanced out your wobbly fan.


If you don’t want to purchase a balancing kit you can use items around the house. Try using plain masking tape and quarters or washers, then finalize the mounting of the weight with double sided tape. Make sure that the weights are secured with a good quality tape, you wouldn’t want those to be flying off!