Energy Star Certified Appliances and Money Savings for the Homeowner

Designing a new home is the perfect time to take advantage of the savings Energy Star appliances will offer you. By choosing Energy Star rated appliances you will see a substantial savings in your energy bills. The federal government also offers rebates for homeowners that choose Energy Star appliances, and this adds to the savings you will reap. Not only will you save money, but your new home will use less energy and that is good for the environment. Here are some ways Energy Start appliances can save you money.

Savings in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of many new homes and it is one of the rooms in the house which consumes a lot of energy. A new Energy Star certified refrigerator uses 20 percent less energy than models which are not certified. According to the Energy Star website this can save you over $125 over the life of your refrigerator. Another appliance that uses a lot of energy is a dishwasher. An Energy Star certified dishwasher will save you approximately $40 per year on your electric bill, and will save 1,300 gallons of water over its lifetime. If you plan on having a standalone freezer, a certified freezer can save you 10 percent on your energy bills compared to a non-certified model.

Laundry Room Savings

Washers and dryers are in almost constant use in most homes. On average the typical American home does 300 loads of laundry each year. By choosing certified appliances you can save money and use less water and energy while doing laundry. Certified washers use 20 percent less energy, and 35 percent less water. Energy Star certified dryers also use 20 percent less energy, and are more efficient at drying your clothes in a shorter amount of time.

HVAC Savings

According the Energy Star website more than 50 percent of your home’s energy consumption is used for heating and cooling. By choosing a certified HVAC system you can save almost $200 a year on your energy bills. There are many HVAC options and configurations available for a new home build. The choice you make will depend upon the type of fuel available and the area of the country in which you live. For example in warmer states you may not need a furnace, but a heat pump which uses less energy. Combined with adequate insulation and energy efficient building practices you can save money and have a more comfortable home.

Federal Energy Rebates

The government offers Federal Tax credits for homeowners who choose Energy Star certified appliances. While some rebates are not available for new builds, there are rebates you may qualify for as a new homeowner. For example you could receive 30 percent of the purchase price for certified heat pumps and solar energy systems.

When you are planning your new home, include Energy Star certified appliances. You will not only save money over the life of your appliance, but you’ll use less energy and that is a great plus for the environment. With the saving and tax rebates certified appliances just make good sense for today’s new homeowner.