Keep Your Wallet Full by Switching to Solar Panels

With energy costs reaching new highs in the past decade, there is a new market trend in utilizing alternative energy. This trend lessens the reliance on crude oil and combustion, as well as takes stress off of major power grids. The leading trend in alternative energy is the utilization of solar panels. There are many benefits to solar energy and not just monetary.

Saves You Money

OK, while there ARE many reasons to use solar panels that do not involve money, it is still a very important factor. Building solar panels and converting your home can save you and average of $1,000 a year. Your geographic location comes into play here as well. If you live in region with long, sunny seasons like California or Hawaii, it is projected that you could save almost $65,000 over a twenty-year period.

Reduce Grid Reliance

The most consistent energy source on the planet is the sun. You could almost set your watch by. In addition to that consistency, the sun also is not for sale. There is no risk of someone creating a monopoly on the sun.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

As a source of clean energy, the use of solar panels greatly reduces the amount of damage done to the environment. You can have your home fully powered with none of the pollution.

Solar Energy Creates Jobs

While this may not directly affect you, solar energy could greatly help the economy. Solar panels need to be constructed; engineering is needed for conversion, there is a whole workforce to be created in this industry. It is estimated that for every one million dollars invested, there is approximately fourteen jobs are created. For comparison, that same amount of investment only creates five jobs in natural gas.

Solar energy is not all upside. The sun does set, so you would not be completely free of your local power company and their rates, but you would save immensely. There is also the issue of natural obstruction, such as clouds. Then there is the upkeep and maintenance of the solar panels themselves. Electric energy is a very passive source for most. The average customer does not check their gauges or knows the wattage they may use, and the switch to solar may seem a little intimidating. If you can get past the initial hurdles, solar energy is definitely a worthwhile investment. It saves money and the environment, and helps the economy.