LED Lights Can Be a Savior For Overall Energy Cost Savings

LED lights have become a major player in the electrical lighting industry and this is most likely to grow with the ever improving range of light bulbs that are becoming available on a daily basis. There have been massive changes already and some commercial companies have made it a major part of their future thinking to commit totally to LED lighting within their offices and factories. The Sentry Equipment Company in Wisconsin, USA started the trend in 2008 when its new factory used 100% LED lamps throughout its factory complex and offices. The cost was 3 times that of the typical mixture of incandescent and fluorescent lamps that would have been traditionally used in the construction of such a building but the company was paid fully for the decision in 2 years from savings obtained in power savings against what they would have paid if using traditional bulbs. The advantage of this great saving is that the lamps are expected to last another 20 years before they require changing. In this case the initial larger expenditure will reap massive rewards in cash savings over the life of the bulbs.

There is a company called I-Gate, an IT company, with an branch in Manapakkam, Chennai in India which used LED lamps throughout their offices in 2009 and although the total cost was some $80,000 they claim they were on target to break even within just five years. There are many examples of what and where LED lamps can be used and whilst there is some problems with directionality with these lights there is almost always a way of solving the problem. The lights are now almost always used in an exterior light application such as gardens and parks (As they are good for security in public places as the light is instantly on with no warm up period) and there are now examples of LED lighting systems being used on motorways as the LED takes over from the large floodlight systems. It is also possible to source LED lamps that have replaced the fluorescent tube.

A good energy saving light bulb supplier will have a full range of LED lamps on their website that will enable a good electrician or electrical designer to convert any light application to their usage which will then give a power saving of around 80% and a life cycle of 20,000 to 50,000 hours.