Why Is Energy Efficiency In The Home Important?

What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency basically means to use less energy whilst still providing the same outcomes.

How is this translated into Home Heating?

There is a wide variety of home heating systems available on the market; some energy efficient, and some not at all. By choosing an energy efficient heating system you will not only be saving yourself money, but also contributing to the improvement of the economy, the welfare of the environment and your very own quality of life.

How can you be energy efficient with your home heating?

No matter what heating system you have, it is sometimes easy to overheat your home in winter. This results in a huge increase in your energy bills. An easy method to keep your heating costs down is to remember the H.E.A.T approach;

H – Hold in the heat in your home. Heat is easily lost through windows, so remember to close curtains and blinds to maintain the warmth. Draught stoppers for under doors and windowsills help keep your home insulated during cold weather. Insulating your house is very energy efficient as it keeps your home cool during summer and warm during winter, and by insulating your home, your heater will be much more efficient.

E – Evaluate your heating options. Make sure you choose a heater that is right for you and your home. If you have young children and animals, then a storage heater may be unsuitable as it is large, intrusive and has the ability to cause serious burns. However, the storage heater is ideal for people who are at home all day, such as an elderly person. Heating panels may be perfect for a serious asthma sufferer, whereas an electric radiator is very beneficial for people who are away from the house all day. Take your time and select an option right for you.

A – Action to become energy efficient. You must use common sense sometimes and instead of cranking up the heat if you’re a little chilly; put a jumper on and throw an extra blanket on your bed. Central heating is widely used; yet it is incredibly energy wasteful and highly expensive as it heats the entire house. It is recommended to try to only heat the room/s that you are using and keep windows and doors closed to keep the warmth inside whilst saving you money.

T – Thermostats, timers and temperature checks. Save money and energy by putting your heating system on a timer so that you are in total control of your homes heat. If your heating is on during the day whilst you are at work, or at night when you’re sleeping; expect a massive heating bill. There’s no need to crank the temperature above 21 degrees either; did you know that for every degree above this temperature can add about 10% to your energy costs?!

Do you part for the planet, and your pocket; start being energy efficient with your home heating today.