Seven Reasons Why You Should Use Granite Laminated Flooring

Granite is an igneous rock that is relatively hard thus making it resistant to scratches. Granites are usually used as flooring because of its characteristics. This is widely preferred by interior designers and home builders everywhere.

Now laminate flooring gives a different dimension to hard-surface flooring. It is a technology currently employed to give floors a shiny, protective finish against sunlight, burns, and stains.

The granite is placed at the image layer of a laminated flooring, to make it a granite laminated flooring. This is where you integrate the hard-stone look of granite. And the effect of a granite floor is achieved.

Granite laminate flooring is simply a good alternative to the real thing. Authentic granite flooring can be costly. It has an average cost of $80 per square foot. Laminated flooring is also durable.

With the need to cut costs on the current market’s soaring prices, granite laminate flooring equally gives the same ambiance real granite gives. And it has features and benefits of its own to boost. Let’s take a look at those.

1. It won’t budge. Granite laminate flooring is made up of high density fiberboard or simply, HDF. The board makes it tough and resistant to outward or inward moistures and indentations.

2. It has laminated backs. The bottom of granite laminate flooring is thermo-fused so as to provide additional protection against bare floor. Bare floor could build-up moisture pushing to the outside. But because of the laminated back, the flooring is protected. The moisture cannot cause the tile to shift or bend.

3. It is economical. Granite laminate flooring gives you a very realistic look of the natural stone at a fraction of the cost. With your current budget, you can cover twice as much if you settle for the granite laminate flooring against granite stone tiles.

4. It is easy to clean. Because of its smooth laminated surface, cleaning is reduced occasional to sweeping and mopping. It is very easy to maintain compared to a stone tile which you need to polish regularly.

5. It is durable. Granite laminate flooring defies dents, scratches, dings, and moisture. It is not easily worn out. You can maximize its lifespan through proper care and maintenance. Simply follow tips and advices on how to clean stuck dirt and stains and you’re all set with it.

6. It is versatile. Granite laminate flooring works everywhere. You can use it for your kitchen, for your living room, or even at the patio. It goes well wherever your creativity lets you.

7. It is easy to install. Unlike stones where you would need to hire professional builders and installers, granite laminate flooring is so easy to install you can do it yourself. Just glue it in and it is done. You don’t even have to wait for the glue to dry!

If you want to remodel you house or build the house of your dreams, you can choose to install granite laminate flooring. By doing this, the flooring will become your least concern. You can focus more on some other areas and specifics other than the floor, because laminate flooring will already take care of that.

Granite has been a current favorite when it comes to floors. Because the trend today is old is new. Granite gives the room an old but trendy look against modern furniture. Granite used to be for the rich and wealthy alone. Well, not anymore. Not with granite laminate flooring around.