Central Air Conditioning – What Is It?

This is a cooling method in which a central unit dehumidifies and cools air before it is circulated throughout a home or building. It is also referred to as central air and is often grouped with a heating system. The reason is that both of these systems depend on comparable amounts of ductwork and electrical power to distribute heated or cooled air. Central air conditioning is in direct contrast with other systems that depend on separate units being placed in a suite of rooms or just one room.

For these bigger buildings using central air is important because the stale air can become very humid, especially when the weather starts to become warm. The outdoor heat can cause the building to start to warm up and so can the heat generated from all the people who are working there. All of this can make working there unbearable. When central air is used it will keep the building at a comfortable temperature for those working there. If it is a department store it will make it a more pleasant shopping experience.

Homes located in climates that get hot in the summer can also benefit by using central air conditioning. When using this type of system it will eliminate the use of having window units in various rooms to cool that area such as bedrooms, kitchen, and living room. With central air the homeowner can also set the thermostat so the temperatures in the home are kept within a comfortable range while still maintaining its energy efficiency. When it is grouped with such measures as designing a home that is appropriate for that particular climate and insulating it in order to oppose external temperature changes will help to increase the energy efficiency of the central air unit.

When a building or home has central air conditioning the central unit is most likely outside or in an isolate section of the building. The reason is that they can produce a lot of noise, which is made when the refrigeration cycles, which help to take out humidity from the building and to cool the air, is running. The main unit is connected to ductwork that goes throughout the home or building. Cold air is blown out of the ducts in order to cool down areas of the home or building. The air conditioner also has vents going outside to clear the excess moisture and heat. There is also ductless air conditioning that uses individual wall units to pump in the cool air and pull out the hot air and moisture instead of relying on ductwork.