How to Make Your Cooling Fans More Energy Efficient

All electronics and electronics cabinets require fans to keep them cool – this is critically important, as the integrity and longevity of electronic devices is significantly affected by heat and fluctuations in temperature. Cooling fans play an essential role in stopping devices from overheating and maintaining an overall stable temperature.

Despite this, the fans themselves also need to be kept in top condition, as this will keep them performing optimally and performing their role well when it comes to cooling down the associated electronics and ensuring that they last for as long as possible. An efficient fan will also use less energy, which will result in savings made on the part of the owner.

To make your cooling fans more energy efficient, save money and ensure that your electronics are kept in top working order for as long as possible, the first thing to do is invest in an appropriate fan guard. There are plenty of options on the market today, but there are several features that you should look for to ensure energy efficiency.

The first feature you should look for is a guard which has excellent air flow, whether a 80mm fan guard or a 120mm one. There are many different sizes of guard, many of which are made from different materials too, and all of them are important in determining the level of airflow.

Make sure that your fan is appropriately sized in order to provide great airflow, being neither too small or too large for the cooling fan. You should also look for one that strikes the right balance between protecting the fan and allowing enough air to pass through – 120mm and 80mm wire fan guard options are often excellent for this very purpose.

This is because wire fan guards offer an optimal amount of toughness as well as space to allow air to flow through. This means that cooling fans will be working less hard to cool electronic equipment due to the abundance of air that is easily accessible to them.

The next thing you can do to ensure that your cooling fans work more efficiently is to start using green cooling fan cords, which work to detect the temperature that electronic equipment reaches and then start the fans to cool these electronics only when the temperature is elevated enough.

In a similar fashion, when the temperature drops low again, the thermostat in the cord will readjust, and the cooling fan will stop working. This is good for electronic equipment because it ensures that temperatures will remain stable, so they are therefore prevented from overheating.

Furthermore, this means that cooling fans become far more energy efficient, as they are using less electricity to function. This is due to the fact that they are not operating constantly, instead being responsive to the temperature of the electronics and the ability to cool them only when necessary thanks to an in built thermostat.

A final way to make your fans more energy efficient is by mounting them properly with anti vibration mounts, as these will act like shock absorbers for the vibrations caused by the fan’s vibrations. Again, this is a small point to make, but this can make a significant difference.

The reason for this is that the fan can lose energy though the kinetic energy that it creates, but this can be buffered by soft silicon anti vibration mounts. This will mean that there is less energy lost and therefore less energy is required to make the fan work – meaning that this item is far more energy efficient.

From the right 120mm wire guard or 80mm fan guard that allows optimal air passage right through to installing green cooling fan cords, there are several great accessories on the market nowadays to ensure your equipment is protected, you fans work optimally and that they are far more energy efficient when in use.