5 Quick Steps to Landscaping Your Home Before You Sell

Your home is your most major investment. With these days of low interest rates leading to high increases in home prices you may well be either deciding to sell your home or upgrade. Homes have had the best rate of investment returns in the last number of calendar years – far outweighing such traditional investments as stocks, bonds and bank accounts.

A house is much more than that – it is the place you call home and raise your family.

If you decide that it is time to sell – perhaps you are an “empty nester” Now is an exceptional time to sell your home. Or you may just simply want to upgrade or to change.

Remember that economics is ultimately supply and demand.

The tooth is there is more demand from buyers than the supply available from sellers.

Now is an exceptional time to sell your house.

Your property may be very valuable – being in an older established neighborhood.

So ultimately in order to obtain the highest selling price what can you look for to increase your selling and asking prices as well as sell your property sooner during peak real estate sales periods . (Spring and summer for both possessions before and after the school year)

With homeowner’s priorities shifting to their outdoor living spaces, it is more important than ever that your landscaping and backyard areas look their best when it comes time to sell. And with more outdoor living spaces come more elaborate and beautiful landscaping.

Studies have shown that attractive landscaping can increase the value of a home. ” The Contribution of Landscaping to the Price of a Single Family Dwelling , South Carolina” pointed out not only homes with excellent landscaping sell 4 to 5 % higher , but homes with poor landscaping in neighborhoods with excellent landscaping sold for 8 to 10 % less.

The right landscape design can make all the difference to a prospective buyer, especially when it is beautifully and carefully executed. “First impressions are not only important for buyers but for appraisers and real estate agents as well.” South Dakota home assessment quantifier Shinderpal Jandu says.

So how much time, effort and money should you put into “sprucing “up your landscape if you are selling?

If you put in small amount of money, time and effort into your backyard, you will sell your home and probably get enough boosts in price to warrant the work. However, if you do extensive landscaping, you can consider it money spent for personal enjoyment not as a payback investment… It will certainly help you to sell your home faster, it may allow you to sell your house without needing a real estate agent but it will not impress buyers enough to increase the asking or selling price.

Some good suggestions to improve your landscape:

If you backyard is nothing but weeds, get a weed eater and cut the weeds.

Remove unsightly trees – too tall, large or inappropriate. Ensure though that you can dispose of the remains both easily, with little cost and legally.

Plant trees that will not grow to large. Fruit trees are always a good choice for a backyard

Plant low level flowers and shrubs on your lot.

_ Make sure that your back yard as well as the front is clean neat and livable.

– If there is fence make sure that it is reasonable shape if possible. A fresh coat of paint will always help to improve the value of first impressions as well as hide a multitude of sins.

Remember it is not just your house but your home and biggest lifetime investment . When you prepare to sell your house pay attention to your landscaping. Simple proper steps to landscaping can both enhance the selling price of your home and make it easier and quicker to sell.