Back Yard Landscaping

Backyard landscaping is not just positioning plants in your backyard. Consider it as an art, a masterpiece that shows your creativity and personality. There are three elements in landscaping your backyard: structure, area and texture of your plants.

Structure refers to the form of the plant and the arrangement of the branches. Plants, such as trees, come in different shapes. This ranges from the hanging form of the white bark willow, to the stiff form of the Lombardy poplar trees.

The second element of backyard landscaping is the area. This refers to the visual flow and the arrangement of plants in the backyard. The movement of the eyes is affected by different grouping of the plants.

Texture is also an important component of backyard landscaping. The texture of the plant refers to appearance of the plant as it is perceived with the other plants surrounding it. A good example is the texture of marigolds can be distinguished as rough or smooth when grouped with other plants.

Knowing that we have defined the elements of backyard landscaping, you can now begin putting this knowledge to use. Below are more tips on how you can landscape your backyard.


Make a list of the needed materials and tools to redesign your backyard. Most importantly, you need to list the plants that you wish to place in the area. Do not forget to include a list plants that you can substitute in case your preferred plants are not obtainable.

Organize a schedule for the construction process and outline the process according to priority. Creating a schedule helps you estimate the time the landscaping process will consume. Most landscaping projects can be done in a week or two.

Selecting the Plants

Apply what you have learned about the elements of backyard landscaping that were mentioned earlier. There are many kinds of plants that work well in a group. The pattern of the plants should create a 3D effect and should look well from all perspectives.

Remember to be creative. You can use themes on your backyard. These may involve a country, romantic or tropical theme or others.

Make it work… the Construction Process

Prepare the soil where you will plant your selected plants. One method you can use is by creating an elevated bed. You can pile soil or use rocks to do this. Creating an elevated bed also helps you solve the problem of losing excess water when irrigating the plants.

Generally, the best period to plant foliage or trees is during the months of October and November. Plants can develop sturdy roots during the winter season prior to development of other parts during the spring.