Landscape Design Tools

Designing is considered to be an art, and tools are the equipments that help a person to perform any art accurately and beautifully. Similarly, the appropriate use of the right tools can help create the most elegant landscape for the garden.

The most basic and essential tools would be the spade, hoe, rake and the garden fork. All of these are hand tools serving the basic functions, required to maintain the landscape of the garden. These tools help in digging, sorting the soil and removing stones and pebbles, loosening the soil around the plants, breaking lumps of soil, removing seed drills and raking dry grass and leaves. Apart from these, onion hoes can be used for separating crowded hedges and plants, and secateurs, basically small hand cutters, for cutting and pruning the hedges.

The bigger version of these secateurs is known as loppers, which help in cutting longer and stronger branches with the help of their straight blade. These loppers are also known as parrot bills. Unlike the secateurs that are comparatively light weight and used with one hand, loppers are used with both hands.

Apart from the hand tools, some mechanical tools are also useful to maintain the look of the garden. These tools primarily include lawnmower and rotavator. Another commonly used tool is the trimmer used for trimming and thus keeping the hedges in shape with the help of shredders and chippers. A standard wheelbarrow needed for moving soil, stones and other necessary materials, would complete the gardening kit. Usually, a builder’s wheelbarrow is considered to be better than a garden wheelbarrow, which is too heavy to wheel around when fully laden. Thus, the builder’s wheelbarrow is considered to be ideal for moving heavy materials around.

It is advisable to properly check the functionalities of these tools while buying, as most of them are quite expensive. It is also important to check and compare the prices and quality of the tools available in various stores, as gardening tools are not something a person buys too often. Thus they should be well chosen and worth the money spent.