Landscape Problems – Things To Look Out For

Everyone dreams of having an almost-perfect landscape. With perfect greenery, impressive patios and fascinating gazebos, such landscapes are to create ambiance. But landscaping is not as easy as it sounds. Creating one attracts these common landscape problems.

What are the problems? And how does a landscape designer and planner avoid them?

1. Making the house look displaced in the landscape

The landscape designer should remember that the front yard or back yard and the house must coordinate. It is inappropriate to landscape without considering the house first. Style and the colors of the landscape must go hand in hand with the design of the house.

2. Underestimating the landscaping costs

People must face it – landscaping is a pretty expensive project. From choosing the materials to hiring laborers, it is going to be more costly than one could ever imagine. One must be realistic enough to know how much he can afford.

3. Forgetting all about landscaping lights

A landscape designer should take lighting into consideration. The landscape must be thoroughly enjoyed even after sundown. Lights must be set up for the patio and along walkways for maximum enjoyment.

4. Ignoring family’s needs

One of the reasons a landscape is put up is to accommodate family members’ requests like a playground, an ideal place for crocheting, etc. The landscape designer must try to fulfill such needs.

5. Putting everything in the backyard.

A backyard is perfect for landscaping but how about the front yard or the side yard? The designer must allot a space in front yards and/or side yards for benches, flower beds and other garden decorations.

6. Imitating neighbors’ landscapes.

Originality is the key. If one likes the neighbor’s backyard, that’s fine, but he must not be carried away and copy everything. He should have an original design.

7. Overdoing the straight lines

The designer must add curves and not get too fixated on straight lines. Curves are always interesting and they emulate a forest-like feel.

8. Forgetting the boundary

The landscape designer must use some things to define the boundary of the garden — whether it is a fence, a hedge, or a border. Skipping this important element might make the garden seem cluttered and unorganized.

Landscaping must be made fun. To come up with an outstanding garden, knowledge of these common landscape problems is imperative to keep everything moving smoothly. A well-attended, carefully-planned garden makes for a better living.