Shrub Landscaping Ideas

If you need a low maintenance, simple border for your yard, then you may want to consider using shrubs. With very little effort, you will find that shrubs can add beauty and a touch of color to your yard and home. You will find a great variety in shrubs to allow you to find the one that best fits your lawn and your landscaping design.

Different Types of Shrubs

There is a great variety of shrubs that you can use in your landscaping design. These shrubs help give your lawn color and texture to help make it more visually attractive. Some common shrubs include dogwood, azalea, lilac, hardy shrub rose, and hydrangea. A border with colorful shrubs will make a beautiful focal point around your home or walkway. The landscaping shrubs can also help to add height to your garden and lawn.

A Great Border

A beautiful border will consist of many different layers of colors, height, and textures. It does not matter what shrub that you choose, it will add color and texture to your lawn and landscape. Keeping your shrubs trimmed is essential to help keep them at a manageable level and allow them to show their natural beauty and style.

Shrubs can also be used to line your property line between you and your neighbors. They will make a border without closing in the space as trees do. They are a great choice for this particular purpose that you and your neighbors will appreciate and enjoy.

Taking Care of Your Shrubs

Good soil that drains well is essential to keep your shrubs healthy. It may be necessary to add some compost to your soil to make it healthier before you begin planting your shrubs. When you are ready to plant your shrubs, check to make sure that the roots are not root bound. If they are, you only need to loosen the roots using a knife to make them ready to plant. Make sure that your shrubs get plenty of water so that they will stay green and healthy.

Do not be concerned if your landscaping shrubs do not look filled in at first. Before you know it, the shrubs will grow and fill in those gaps. That is one of the benefits of using shrubs in landscaping. It is not necessary to plant a great deal of shrubs to cover an area. You can use smaller flowers or plants to fill in the gaps. Use your creativity to create a landscaping plan that works for you and your needs.