Fleas, Ticks, External Parasites and The Treatment Are All Dangerous – Is There A Solution?

An external parasite is not always an animal (insect) it can also be in plant form. But all external parasites obtain nourishment usually by sucking the blood from another living organism called the host. There is no shortage of external parasites or shortages of the diseases caused by their attachment to the host.

Years ago, I owned a beautiful cat named Spooky. He wasn’t Spooky at all, in fact, he was a gentle animal. Spooky was born feral and my neighbor adopted his mother; Spooky, a baby kitten was then alone to live in the woods to survive.

I met Spooky when he was a “teenager” in cat years. I was outside sitting under a tree when I saw him run through the woods to my backyard. I felt he was starving. That night I placed a bowl of food and water near my porch.

Slowly over the next few weeks, I watched as he scurried up to the food, gulp it down, and ran back to the woods. My heart just filled with love for Spooky, he was beautiful and homeless. I wanted to help him. I had my dog Buffy and felt he needed a friend.

Each day after work I sat on the porch patiently waiting for Spooky go to the food bowl. And then one day he found it empty. Instead, I was there with the food in my hand. It was such a challenge, to help him learn that I was trustworthy.

Within three months Spooky was no longer an outside feral cat; he was my buddy; he and Buffy were soon friends. Spooky, now an inside domesticated cat needed an examination by a veterinarian.

I learned that he was healthy except for the fleas; I also learned that cats die a horribly painful death caused by external parasites that can carry deadly diseases. External parasites can transmit these diseases to pets and humans.

I left the veterinarians office with flea and tick medication, unaware of the harmful chemicals in these drugs; almost the same treatment I was using for Buffy. I applied the medications monthly as prescribed.

Have you had a pet die from these toxic medications? Beware how you treat your pet for external parasites. I have worked my Pet Business for three years, each day learning more about how harmful parasite medications are to pets.

Do you know that the same ingredients that we use to kill cockroaches are also in the flea and tick medications? And that’s what we give to our precious pets; it goes into their bloodstream to kill the external parasites.

There is a more humane natural method on the market and I talk to everyone about it every chance I get. My two dogs are healthy and external parasite free because of product I use to protect them from the bloodsucking parasites.

Yes, my dogs still have their veterinarian visits, but they don’t need the toxic medications. And their tails are happy and wagging.