Hydro Jetting to Solve Plumbing Issues

Hydro jetting can resolve issues with clogged pipes or sewage lines that do not run as quickly as they should. Although this can be an effective solution for plumbing issues, this service should only be performed by a qualified expert to ensure professional results and to prevent damage.

Definition of the Process

Professional plumbers can use hydro jetting to clear a clogged pipe or to make sewage lines run faster. This process involves running water through pipes at high pressure to clear out blockages that are stopping or reducing flow through pipes. Prior to pushing water through lines, the professional should perform a video inspection of them to diagnose the problem. After ascertaining the nature of the problem, the expert will know whether a snake should be used first, prior to the water. Video inspection of the lines will also make it less likely that sewage will reverse and back up into the house.

Applicable Situations

Hydro jetting can help resolve issues with plumbing lines that run out to the street from inside the house. Sometimes tree roots grow to the point of obstructing pipes, and the water flow can clear them out. This solution may also be applicable for septic field issues, such as when the header line that leads into a septic field is clogged. In this case, the clogged line will keep wastewater from flowing to the septic field, resulting in a backup of wastewater inside the house or flowing out of the tank.

Older plumbing systems in older homes may benefit from this service to remove accumulated debris and restore water and waste flow. It’s common for these plumbing systems to experience sand and silt buildup, which will not respond effectively to augers or chemical cleaning agents.

Possible Concerns

If this process is used for a septic system, it’s necessary for the expert to proceed cautiously to avoid causing damage. The pipes in a septic system have special perforations that enable the wastewater to gradually absorb into the gravel and soil for filtering and treatment. Moving water through the system in a forceful manner could result in solid waste flowing into the gravel. If this occurs, the line could become even more clogged. Pipes could also be damaged in the process.

A professional has the expertise necessary to assess the problem prior to using hydro jetting. By knowing the issues that can be fixed with this solution, the plumber can correctly determine that this service will resolve problems. The expert will also know how to proceed with the correct amount and strength of water to avoid damaging pipes.

The Costs

The costs for this service vary depending on the geographic region and the professional performing the work. Average costs range between $800 and $1,200 per service. Get estimates from several companies to enable you to choose the most reasonable one for your home.

Before proceeding with hydro jetting for your plumbing system, ask questions about the long-term resolution of your problem. Sometimes this service works only temporarily, requiring additional work or treatments in the future to maintain a system.