Home Renovation – The Magical Tool to Bedeck Your House in an All New Avatar

Two years back, we shifted into our home, an antique structure of the 1980s. Surely, you would be thinking that I was mad to take on the renovation work of an age-old residence. Well, I had a very tight budget, and I didn’t have any sort of experience in home renovation or home remodeling. It was as though I had driven my car 300 miles down my comfort area, then lost track of my way. For me, the only way to make the antique structure look new was to opt for total property refurbishment. Since my budget was a little limited, I knew that I would have to manage within my own resources. So, I simply did that. Today, let me share those brilliant ideas with my readers.

I know that many of you live in age-old houses just like me, constantly trying to seek out ways for improving the look of your property. Yes, I understand how it feels, as I was in your situation just 3 years back. Luckily, you can reach your goal with just a little bit of effort, wisdom and self-confidence. Following are some of the easiest ways for you to upgrade the look of your property. And the best thing is that all the remodeling ideas involve paint. When you’re on a tight budget, there’s nothing more valuable than a jar of paint.

Old furniture

When I moved into my house, the first thing that drew my attention was the furniture. Well, they weren’t as bad as I had expected them to be. Just adding some new furniture to an old house would not make any sense. Moreover, it wasn’t much sensible for my small budget. Instead, I thought of painting some unique pieces and give them a totally new look. This involved loads of discount shopping, garage sales and gallons of paint.

Old kitchen cabinets

Kitchen is an important part of every residence. After all, it’s the place where we cook, eat and share some special moments with our family members. Therefore, I wanted my kitchen to look nice, pretty and colorful. With just a jar of chalkboard paint I was able to completely modernize my old kitchen cupboards.

Old light fixtures

Since childhood, I had an intense liking for great light fittings. To my utter disappointment, the ones in my home were completely shabby and dull. Since I did not have a big budget for splurging on new ones, I found unique ways for re-using the old ones.