What Is Your Marketing Strategy? 5 Reasons To Let Someone Else Decide

If you own a home improvement business you could easily spend hours a day researching remodeling marketing strategies and test countless ways to grow your business and expand your client base. Deciding what your marketing strategy is takes time and money and trial and error. That is why more replacement contractors are opting to hire a professional to take over their strategic marketing so they can get to work. Here are 5 reasons why you should do the same!

1. Know Your Strengths – 95% of remodeling businesses have no marketing system in place and no way to get new clients. This is because they are experts in their field and do amazing home renovations but simply put, know nothing about marketing. For most business owners, time is precious and embarking on developing a marketing strategy alone will cost time and money. Hiring someone else lets them focus on what’s most important, the work they do for their clients.

2. Referrals Won’t Cut It – If a big part of your remodeling marketing strategy relies on referrals, you’re in trouble. Referrals are great and they do bring in quality leads however they are not predictable. Relying on referrals alone will not let you grow your business and hire additional staff because you will not have a steady flow of new work coming in. Marketing professionals can bring in quality leads regularly.

3. You Have Competition – You have competitors out there ready to snatch up potential customers. This competition isn’t charging the lowest prices in town, in fact they might have the highest. What they have is the drive and aggressive remodeling marketing strategies in place to ensure their businesses is growing. If you want to compete at that level it’s time to invest in your business.

4. Your Prospects Don’t Trust You – It’s not you, it’s all remodeling contractors. Clients are fearful that they won’t receive quality work or that a contractor may just walk off with their deposit. Building an online brand reputation takes time and management. Professionals know how to open profiles on review sites that will make it easy for past clients to review their experience and help give prospective clients the confidence they need to choose you. Everyone is turning to the internet for reviews before they hire anyone, make sure you can be found amongst the competition.

5. Time Is Money – Running a home improvement business takes a lot of time. If you are out working all day there is still estimates, invoices and communication that needs to be done. If you are trying to run your own business adding remodeling marketing strategies to your plate will start to cause stress. In fact, for most remodeling contractors, simply reallocating current marketing dollars to more successful endeavours will be enough to change business for the better. You probably don’t need to spend much more than you already are, you just need to use your marketing dollars more efficiently.

What Is Your Marketing Strategy?

The economy hasn’t been great for home improvement and real estate investments over the past few years, but things are changing. The real estate market is up in many areas and if people aren’t selling, they are committing to improving upon their existing home. The business is out there, you just have to put yourself in a position to be found by potential customers. Making the decision to invest in a professional to handle your remodeling marketing strategy means you’ll have a team of experts in you corner who can help you grow your remodeling and home improvement business today.