Why Soundproof a Ceiling?

Living close to our neighbours can have many advantages, especially if we get on well with them, but one of the big drawbacks is that noise from neighbouring homes can intrude on our own lives. While you never hear a peep out of some neighbours, others, especially if they are heavy-footed, have booming voices or like to listen to their music or favourite TV shows at full volume, may be loud enough to be a source of annoyance. It can be especially troublesome if they keep unusual hours and, just as you are trying to get a little sleep, their day is just getting started. While many people soundproof their walls and floors, many overlook the importance of soundproofing the ceiling and yet there are a number of excellent reasons for doing so.

The obvious reason for soundproofing your ceiling is that if you only soundproof the walls and floors of your home, the job is only partly done and your home will not be as effectively soundproofed as possible. This is especially the case if you have neighbours living above you. You may be insulated from any noise from people living on either side of you, but still be kept awake at night by noises from people living directly overhead. A second, related, reason may not be to keep noise from your neighbours out, but to insulate them from your noise. If you are the one who might be keeping people awake with noise, it’s considerate to take steps to reduce the amount of disturbance as much as possible. It helps neighbours to get along well. Besides, if you love to crank up the volume and listen to your music, the last thing you need is to have your neighbours knocking on the door asking you to keep the noise down.

If you need a third reason to soundproof your ceiling, consider the effect this step can have on the value of your property. In the past, few people gave much thought to the question of soundproofing when buying a property, but today it something that many home buyers ask about when they are looking at potential properties. If you are thinking of selling your home, taking the trouble to soundproof your ceiling, whether with a fibreglass installation or some other kind of acoustic membrane, this is a factor which can only make your property more attractive to buyers and it could even increase its value.