Your Kitchen and Bathroom Colour Scheme

Kitchen and bathroom design isn’t always about selecting kitchen cupboards or rest room fixtures. It involves shaping a brand new area in your home and giving it some of your own personal style through all the tiny fashion selections you create, as well as the colour theme you select.

There is a reason why most kitchens and bathrooms begin with a comparatively neutral color palette – a kitchen or rest room renovation is an investment, and neutral colours aren’t as likely to travel out of fashion than that fantastic shade of red you felt smitten with last year. Classic neutral tones don’t seem to be solely a pretty selection for your new kitchen or rest room style but additionally make economic sense. Will that mean you have to possess an all-white Kitchen or bathroom? No, not at all. A neutral palette spans a variety of colours, each of which might form the planning of your new house. Below are the most popular neutral colours for kitchen and bathroom design:

Whites and off-whites still hold the highest place, followed by beiges as the second preferred colour. The popularity of grey color schemes has gone up sharply over the previous few years, almost tripling in numbers as a selection for kitchen and rest room renovations. Brown colours are on the decline, however sepia tones have gone up slightly.

What will this tell us? Whites and off-whites are a classic selection and don’t seem to be traveling out of favor anytime shortly. Greys on the opposite hand, have become the selection for many customers because it still provides a classic, neutral foundation for your style while still making a stylish, refined atmosphere for your new house. Grey is also a relaxing color, and might be a superb selection for a spa room/rest room. Some designers are currently trying out variations on this theme with splotches of black on a very grey or white background.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still work that fantastic shade of red into your room or rest room renovation project though. Your neutral palette merely provides a dateless foundation onto which you can add a pop of color to replicate your own temperament. The accent color you select depends on your own tastes more than on the design of your house and also the look you’re attempting to realize. The most liked accent colours nowadays are yellow, emerald and tangerine, however your neutral base colours will combine well with virtually any color. To add an additional relaxed feeling select softer colours in little accents throughout the space, or to give your house additional spirit add a daring accent color.

Where are you able to add these accent colours? The options are endless and might vary from paint colors to piece of furniture. Here are a number of ideas as well as colors for your kitchen and bathroom design:

Choose a paint color, window treatment or light-weight fixture in an accent color, as these are easily replaced over time. Create a center in your room with a spread hood in a very daring color or a colourful backsplash. The rest of your room cupboards could also be a neutral color, however you could outline the design by adding a room island or customized hutch in an accent color. Similarly, the rest room vanity will give a chance to show off your personality through color selections.

Your designer will be able to assist you and point out the simplest ways to show off your personal style in your next design project!