Essential Factors to Consider When Designing a Roof

Building a new home is one of the most exciting achievements in life. You will get to see your home constructed from the foundation to the interior finishing. Designing the roof of your house is important for aesthetic purposes. Your roof will give your house a unique look reflecting your architectural style and personal taste. Besides aesthetics, roofing is crucial as it protects the entire building and everything in it. You must select reputable roofing contractors to ensure you achieve your desired roofing style. Los Angeles commercial roofing contractors provide the best roofing services, thus achieving an optimal roofing design. Here are the essential factors you must consider when designing your roof.


It would help if you considered the climate in your area before settling on a specific roofing design. This is especially important if you live in a location that experiences extreme wind velocity weather conditions, heavy rainfall, or excess snow. Also, remember that too much exposure to the sun can affect your roof; thus, you will need to consider that too. Ensure that the materials you select suit the weather your area experiences most of the year.


Eventually, your budget will play a part in the roof design you settle for. It is important to ensure you stick to your budget to avoid straining financially. Consider various alternatives provided by your roofing contractor and ask for their opinion too. However, do not compromise quality for cost; this will be expensive in the long run. Get value for your money.

Roof Design Aesthetics

While building your house from the foundation, you will have a chance to style it to your preference, including the roofing. Some of the common roofing options you can consider include:

  • Hip

This involves a pitched roof having four equal partitions. These sections have the same length, and the sides link at the corners to form a ridge.

  • Flat

This roof has a slight pitch to allow water to flow when it rains. A flat is an excellent option for modern houses.

  • Duo-Pitch

Duo-pitch is a popular roofing solution, especially in residential areas. It includes two slopes that meet, forming a triangular shape.

  • Mono-pitch

Mono-pitch roofing includes a roof having a single sloping plane. It is perfect for modern houses following its asymmetrical appearance.

  • Mansard

This includes a double-sloped roof popularly used in homes resembling European or French homes.

Appropriate Roofing Contractor

If you do all the other things right but fail to select the right roofing contractor, all your work will be in vain. An experienced roofing contractor with great expertise can provide valuable suggestions, resulting in a better roofing solution. Research a skilled and reliable roofer to install your roof without cutting corners.

Remember, a wrongly installed roof will not only affect the aesthetics. It can also be hazardous to the property and people living in the building. Ask your roofing contractor for samples of their previous work to evaluate how good they are. Also, you can check for customer reviews or get recommendations from family and friends.

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