Best Ways to Protect Your Property From Burglars

Are you taking enough care of your home? I mean the security system – is your home well protected against theft or burglary. FBI 2012 crime report revealed one in every thirty-six homes in USA becomes the target of burglars. According to the 2013 crime report there was an average property loss of $4.5 billion from burglary. In many cases (nearly 30 percent) burglars have managed to gain access to a home through unlocked doors and windows. If the residents had installed a security system and an alarm pad, burglars could be stopped from vandalizing or stealing their precious belongings.

A rising number of homes and businesses are installing CCTV security cameras to prevent intrusion. With a camera installed in your property, you can easily identify the suspect. You can also use the CCTV footage as evidence to help the police capture the criminal quickly. Besides, if you install security cameras, burglars will not dare to enter your property out of fear you will recognize them. They will instead move to some other place rather than entering your home.

Burglars keep an eye on a neighborhood to find at what time people leave their home. They peep inside the rooms to find if anyone inside. If your property is empty, he will gain entrance without anyone noticing him. It is a good idea to invest in an alarming pad that immediately rings when thieves get access to your home. You should keep the alarm pad near the front door to trigger as soon as a burglar breaks in.

In spite of tremendous work pressure or urgency, make it a point to check all your door and window locks before leaving the house. Unchecked property is what a thief looks for. You must always be alert about your locality, people on the streets, etc. Raise an alarm if you find someone watching your house or you every day. Talk to the police to take necessary steps for ensuring full security of your property.

There are some tricks you can do to protect your residence from break-in. For example, leave a light on when going out or switch on the television. It will create an impression that there is someone inside although the property is empty.

A good thing to do is buy CCTV cameras and install it in all important locations. It is a good idea to buy cameras that you can easily hide from people. Install the cameras at a height to prevent anyone disrupt the recording. You will get different types of cameras in the market such as dome IP or megapixel cameras, infrared cameras with night vision feature, zoom-in security cameras, wired, and wireless cameras. Choose a security system wisely analyzing your specific needs. If you want to check activities inside, you should invest in cameras offering best indoor surveillance. For outdoor monitoring, you should buy weather-proof and vandal-proof cameras.

It is advisable to constantly check the video footage of all CCTV cameras to raise an alarm when you find something suspicious. You can watch the video recordings from the comfort of your home and find whether anyone is keeping an eye on your residential or commercial property.