College Students And Self Storage

If you are a college student, you might have acquired lots of stuff. You will face the problem of managing this stuff during the semester breaks, if you happen to live in an apartment which is away from your parent’s home. The break could be from a few weeks to several months. You need to carry your belongings all the way to your home by your car or by some other way. Moving your stuff like this is not always a perfect solution. Some stuff may not be welcome or you may not have enough space to accommodate all that stuff at your home.

The solution is, storing your stuff in a self storage. You can rent a storage unit at a self storage facility to store your belongings. The unit that you rent will be exclusive to you and no body else will enter it without your permission. You can keep your belongings in it during the break. Different sizes of storage units and different storage plans are generally provided by the storage companies. You can choose the best unit size that would suit your needs. If you are not sure of what size of unit to rent, you can always take the advice of the storage staff.

Your belongings will be very safe at the self storage. Most of the storage facilities have installed 24 hour video surveillance systems. Who ever comes in and who ever goes out will be recorded. Some facilities use normal locks while some provide sophisticated keypad controlled access. Individual door alarms are used for extra security. In addition to these, men on guard, gates and fences are also provided.

If you choose a self storage that offers wide range of different sized units, you can pay only for the space that you need. It is always better to choose a facility that is well connected by roads. It would be even better if the facility is close to your college.

If you know the duration and what you will be storing, you may pay a little advance and reserve a unit for you. You may get early bird discount if you plan in advance. The storage units near the campus may fill up quickly. So, plan in advance.

To pack up your belongings, you will need boxes. Find out if your storage facility provides boxes.

Some storage companies provide pick up and delivery service also.

Do not keep too many things in one box. It will be difficult to carry such heavily loaded boxes.

Some items like toxic material, inflammable products, pets, plants, food etc are not allowed by the storage companies. You need to remove batteries from the electronic gadgets to avoid leakages.

Make a note of what you packed in each box. Pack related stuff together.