Decide Your Space

One of the biggest decisions you need to make while opting for a self storage is space. Yes, you need to decide how much space you require to store your goods. Self storage provides a variety of sizes and units ranging from size of a box to a ware house. If you decide for a very small storage unit, you will not be able to keep all your goods. If you opt for a big unit, you will be wasting your money on the area which you are not using.

You can always increase or reduce the space at self storage according to your needs. If you are planning to store your goods for a short term, you may require a considerable unit.

Self storage providers lease different variety of units to residential and business tenants. Mostly the sizes of a self storage include –

1. 5X5: This holds very well, if you have very less number of items to store for a very few days. It can accommodate chest of drawers, office files, clothes, mini house hold items etc.

2. 10X5: This is approximately the size of a large wardrobe. This can hold good, if you are using the storage for storing outdoor furniture or small furniture, small boxes, motor cycle, books for students, business documents etc.

3. 10X10: This is size of a Kid’s bed room or a mini bedroom. It can accommodate furniture and belongings of one bed room.

4. 10X20: This can hold all the items that can fit in two to three bedrooms with other appliances as well. It can accommodate a one big vehicle or a truck as well.

5. 20X20: These spaces usually will be available for limited basis. It can accommodate two big vehicles. This is usually used for business purpose.

Since, you have many options, the only thing you need to do is to decide which self storage unit suits your need. The best source of advice would be your self storage provider itself. Usually the self storage providers will be extremely experienced in giving the best estimation.

A few tips to decide the space at your self storage:

1. Prepare the list of items which you are going to store.

2. Take measurements of the largest item in your list. This will help you in deciding the average unit you would need.

3. If you are going to store your entire house, you can provide the room count in your house to the storage provider, they can estimate your space.

4. If you are going to shift your storage room alone to a storage space, you can provide the measurements of the storage room to the service provider.

Self storage often will provide package facilities to their customers. If your belongings are packed by them, they can estimate the space by the size of the boxes and the count. So, plan well and decide before saving your belongings at your self storage.