Professional Closet Organization Tips for Keeping Your Stuff Neat

When you have a closet full of stuff that needs to be organized, one of the things that you can do and should consider includes hiring a professional organizer or purchasing an organization system. In between these solutions, your closet might get scary. You can follow some of these tips for keeping your closet from ruling your life.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

One of the advantages of professional with this type of organization is that they can assess your closet situation and help you determine whether you have sufficient space and if there is something you should do to either enhance your current space or add to it by supplementing it with some under-the-bed storage or using storage furniture to supplement your space. Just follow through here for more of these useful tips.

Know When to Fold Them

A lot of people think that they can save space by hanging up everything, but stacking certain items such as sweaters and knits is actually more effective for your space. You can fold them and stack them on top of each other. If you don’t have enough shelving, keep in mind that extra shelving is easy to build and cost effective to purchase.

Keep Frequently Used Items in Sight

Keep things that you are using frequently, or your go-to items, at eye level or below so you have easy access to them. On the other hand, keep items that you are not using as frequently in boxes up above eye level or even underneath your bed if you need to preserve your closet space as much as possible. This will ensure that you are able to access those things that you are grabbing for every day and help you maintain things in a proper rotation. This way, if you have a box of items and clothes in a box overhead that you haven’t opened or even thought about in months, you know you will be less likely to miss these items if you were to donate them.

Put Items in a Rotation

Make sure that you have items in a rotation. Many people use different-colored hangers to indicate which items were hung up and forgotten long ago with another color for clothes that are in the current rotation. You should also store off-season wear separately from clothes for the current season. Your closet will look much more cluttered in the summer if your tank tops and shorts are being crowded out by all of your winter weather wool slacks, sweaters, and scarves.

Donate Unused Items

Only keep those things that you are currently able to wear. Many people will hold on to items from high school or items from years past with the hope that they will fit into them again or because they have an emotional attachment to the items. Generally, to keep your closet from taking over your life and your clothes, shoes, and purses from overflowing off the shelves, make sure you are being realistic about what you are using now.