Self Storage – Operations And Management

Some people incorrectly assume that self storage involves a very easy management process. This may hold true in the facilities of past times, but not in today’s life. Today, market is using high-tech and highly sophisticated facilities due to increase in competitive nature of the business. This also intensified the management requirement which in turn connected to managing facilities. Management is giving high importance on hiring and training their force. Due to recent innovations in management techniques and wide range usage of computer software in self storage industry, management has to increase their band width in providing best service to their customers.

Now-a-days managers are well experienced in the laws of powers in which the unit operates, including state laws governance, managing of accounts, auction, withdrawals etc. Today’s market has professionally trained managers, well experienced in sales, servicing, marketing, maintenance, accounting and computer operating. They play a key role to a successful business.

The recent growth in self storage industry is Mini storage management. These companies belong to several owners. The management company may operate its client facilities under a common name, which is responsible in hiring, training and providing supervision to the facility managers. The management activities include development projects, reports, payrolls, payable accounts, customer invoicing, etc. A known fact to the self storage industry is that principle markets for self storage is residents and families moving from one place to another.

Self storage managers hold different responsibilities. They own responsibility for a facility management, maintenance (daily and monthly), assemblage, security, improvements, sales, customer service, site inspections, auctions, recruiting and motivating the sales force, maintaining progressive discipline at site and more. Management expects a wide skill set which include handling of operational essentials, customer service, phone etiquette, legal responsibilities etc. They must define their markets, regulate the rental rates & concessions, deal with media and should also have a very good knowledge on online marketing.

A quality unit at a proper site will definitely draw the biggest business and can greatly expand the market. This is the reason why a well designed and properly operated unit will become more attractive. The primary influence on customer utilization is market awareness. Since, the market introduction is already completed; managers need to focus on market growth and maturation. A few steps to attract self storage tenants:

1. Create a headline that conveys your right message in your mail promotions.

2. Create publicity to minimum extent using outrageous messages. Saying something shocking would draw attention but not all the time.

3. Try with easy posturing by telling them why your self storage is the best giving the benefits of renting your storage.

4. Use pictures and images which draw a greater attention in your promotions. Make sure the tenants are convinced with your paintings. Try showing them that you provide safety to their goods and hence solve their storage problems easily.

5. Try to tell the prospects precisely what you want them to do. Indicate your offers and promo codes attractively, so that they can approach you.