Tips To Become A Good Self Storage Manager

If you are planning to become a good self storage manager, here are some tips for you to achieve success in your career.

As a manager you need to handle many issues in an efficient manner. If not, you may face many consequences that would make your organization face some problems which might result in loss for the organization and finally you may even lose your job.

Here are some issues you should be aware of.

How would you react if the tenant asks you for discounts? You should be cool and if you do not have such intentions you should think a reasonable answer to satisfy your version such as explaining your efforts to run the organization and the expenses that you put to run the business and explain him the additional features your organization is providing to the customers.

If your company has less occupancy then you could accept his request and may provide him with nominal discount which will not lead to any loss to your organization.

How will you convince your tenant if you have to increase the rent?

Today in this costly world, prices will not be the same for long and they may increase almost day by day and in that case you have no other option but to increase the rent. But the tenants may not agree as soon as you announce the hike. It is a very critical situation for a manager to handle this. Here are some tips which might help you to tackle the situation.

Give the tenants sufficient time to adjust to increased rates in rent. Intimate the tenant about the issue in a reasonable time in advance. Add some extra benefits such as packing/unpacking etc and tell him that you are going to provide the best services you could.

What will you do if tenant tells you that he could not pay the rent?

This is a situation where you should be careful. Tenants may have many problems but the main motto of yours is to earn some money. You need to understand both the situations of yours and the tenants. So you need to enquire him when he could pay the money. If it is short time you may give him a chance otherwise you would have no option but to proceed in legal way either to claim the tenants policy or to auction his/her stuff.

What would you do if you find money in self storage?

Well the first word that would come from many is jack pot and some would say that they will inquire whether the money is of previous tenant but you should not do like that as one will not leave money such easily in a self storage and they even don’t like to store money there instead of bank so you should handle the situation carefully. You should definitely seek the help of the police.

Above are some of the tips which can help the self storage manager to tackle the situations in an effective manner.